Celeste House is a project by Vanesa Fernández and Aldo Chaparro, creators of Celeste and BabyBabyBaby magazines.

CELESTE HOUSE: Celeste Shop, Botica Cebeth y Celeste Champagne Tea Room.


Darwin at the corner of Kepler, Del. Miguel Hidalgo, C.P. 11590, México, D.F.
Tel. (52.55) 2614.6031


The furniture and interior design is a proposal by Aldo and Vanesa in collaboration with PRODUCTORA, who were in charge of the architectural remodelling of a 1940s-era house.

PRODUCTORA is a firm composed by young architects – Abel Perles (Arg.), Carlos Bedoya (Mex.), Victor Jaime (Mex.) and Wonne Ickx (Bel.) – and it was founded in Mexico City in 2006. The company has already completed a number of important international projects, ranging from single-family homes to hotels and corporate offices. This group of architects has already won recognition in 2007 at the Young Architect’s Forum, organised by the Architectural League of New York, and their work was presented at Beijing’s Second Architecture Biennale (2006), at the 44 Young Architect’s exhibition in Barcelona (2007) and the Venice Biennale (2008). PRODUCTORA was selected by Herzog & de Meuron as one of the firms hired to build a villa for the Ordos 100 Project in Inner Mongolia, China. Furthermore, they won the contest to build the CAF office building in Caracas, Venezuela (in collaboration with Lucio Muniain), in 2008. In 2009, they built an installation for the National Museum of Art in Beijing, China, and recently exhibited their general architectural project for the exhibition 1:1 in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.

The graphic design (stationary, logo, china pattern, etc.) was the work of the company “S”, who are currently also the designers for Celeste magazine. Each and every letter in the project font was designed and inscribed by hand. For the plates and cups, beginning with fine porcelain china, upon Celeste’s request to have antique engravings on themes such as progress, travel and peculiar places, animals and insects, so that there is a different design for every dish on the table, “S” proposed a marvellous selection.

“S” is a graphic design studio founded in 2005 in Mexico City by Eduardo Sánchez, Sofia Broid and Cristina Paoli. They specialise in editorial, visual identity and exposition design.