Cebeth Tx Phytotherapeutic Apothecary

Cebeth Tx Phytotherapeutic Apothecary, a registered trademark of Complejos Botánicos Terapéuticos S. A. de C.V., is a skin and hair care service that uses topical and oral phytotherapy. (Phytotherapy is the use of plant extracts for healing purposes.) Unique to the world, this service designs comprehensive treatments and fully personalized formulas to obtain satisfying, long-lasting results.


One’s skin and health conditions are unique to every person. In general, existing damages rarely originate from the skin itself and are manifestations of internal imbalances. It’s impossible to obtain substantial, satisfying results from mass-produced products. To attain highly effective results, therapy requires personalization and continual adjustments to programs and formulas under the close supervision of a specialist.

At Cebeth Tx Phytotherapeutic Apothecary locations (currently Monterrey, and at Celeste House in Mexico City), we offer therapeutic skin and hair care via a comprehensive system of formulas, methods and techniques renowned within Mexican traditional medicine. We seek to rebalance the biological processes of the organism itself.


A comprehensive evaluation of your skin’s and/or hair’s needs will be made, taking into account the ideal operation of the organism, emotional factors and aggravating external factors.

As a prelude to therapy, we administer a detoxifying, hydrating and nutritive treatment to prepare the skin to maximize the benefits of the phytotherapeutic formulas that will be prepared from your evaluation’s results.

We specially formulate an all-encompassing treatment that can be applied at home with the precise concentrations of the ingredients we selected from the results of your evaluation and the needs of your particular skin-type.

We propose a personalized program of clinical therapies with the support of our team of specialists and electrotherapy to reinforce the phytotherapeutic formulas for home use.

We offer ongoing guidance and supervision. Sessions aimed at revising and adjusting formulas are programmed independently from therapy sessions and are at no cost to the client.


Monday to Saturday form 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM


Tel. (52.55) 5531.8309