Celeste House is a project by Vanesa Fernández and Aldo Chaparro, creators of Celeste and BabyBabyBaby magazines.

CELESTE HOUSE: Celeste Shop, Botica Cebeth and CELESTE restaurant, tea room and bar.


Darwin at the corner of Kepler, Del. Miguel Hidalgo, C.P. 11590, México, D.F.
Tel. (52.55) 2614.6031


The furniture and interior design is a proposal by Aldo and Vanesa in collaboration with PRODUCTORA, who were charged with the architectural remodelling of a 1940s-era house.

PRODUCTORA is a firm composed of young architects – Abel Perles (Arg.), Carlos Bedoya (Mex.), Victor Jaime (Mex.) and Wonne Ickx (Bel.) – and founded in Mexico City in 2006. The company has already completed a number of important international projects, ranging from single-family homes to hotels and corporate offices. This group of architects has already won recognition in 2007 at the Young Architect’s Forum, organised by the Architectural League of New York, and their work was presented at Beijing’s Second Architecture Biennale (2006), at the 44 Young Architect’s exhibition in Barcelona (2007) and the Venice Biennale (2008). PRODUCTORA was selected by Herzog & de Meuron as one of the firms hired to build a villa for the Ordos 100 Project in Inner Mongolia, China. Furthermore, they won the contest to build the CAF office building in Caracas, Venezuela (in collaboration with Lucio Muniain), in 2008. In 2009, they built an installation for the National Museum of Art in Beijing, China, and recently exhibited their general architectural project for the exhibition 1:1 in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.

The graphic design (stationary, logo, china pattern, etc.) was the work of the company “S”, who are currently also the designers for Celeste magazine. Each and every letter in the project font was designed and inscribed by hand. For the plates and cups, beginning with fine porcelain china, upon Celeste’s request to have antique engravings on themes such as progress, travel and peculiar places, animals and insects, so that there is a different design for every dish on the table, “S” proposed a marvellous selection.

“S” is a graphic design studio founded in 2005 in Mexico City by Eduardo Sánchez, Sofia Broid and Cristina Paoli. They specialise in editorial, visual identity and exposition design.


Restaurant, tea room and bar

Set on a terrace with skylights, Celeste Champagne Tea Room is a traditional english tea room to sample a diverse variety of champagnes. The custom made carts allow us to serve the finest labels of champagnes and wines by the cup, as they protect the wines from oxidation once the bottle is opened.

There is also the option to have your tea served Cantonese-style and order Dim Sum if in the mood for Chinese dumplings. Lunch and dinner menus are available, including salads, game dishes and soups, along with exotic specialties of the house; and for the weekend, oysters are served too.

At night, the space takes on the atmosphere of a bar, accompanied by tasty delicacies from home and afar and the best music el D.F. has to offer.

As with Celeste magazine and Celeste Shop, the menu is also a curatorial selection of the most distinguished creations and products in Mexico and abroad. This spirit is echoed in the function of our Cava Vinoteca wine cellar, created by the most renowned importer and distributor of luxury items in Mexico.

As one would expect, there is an extraordinary selection of teas, elaborated Caravanserai tea shop, to accompany traditional scones, fine pastries and sandwiches (cucumber, egg salad, salmon, etc.) or Dim Sum.

Vanesa Fernández created the design for the tables and silverware (tea kettles, strainers, flower vases, champagne buckets, etc.), which were handcrafted by one of the oldest silversmiths in Mexico City.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 12:00 PM (noon) to 2:00 AM
Sunday: 12:00 PM (noon) to7:00 PM


Tel. (52.55) 2614.6031 / 2614.0941 reservaciones@celeste.com.mx



Cebeth Tx Phytotherapeutic Apothecary

Cebeth Tx Phytotherapeutic Apothecary, a registered trademark of Complejos Botánicos Terapéuticos S. A. de C.V., is a skin and hair care service that uses topical and oral phytotherapy. (Phytotherapy is the use of plant extracts for healing purposes.) Unique to the world, this service designs comprehensive treatments and fully personalized formulas to obtain satisfying, long-lasting results.


One’s skin and health conditions are unique to every person. In general, existing damages rarely originate from the skin itself and are manifestations of internal imbalances. It’s impossible to obtain substantial, satisfying results from mass-produced products. To attain highly effective results, therapy requires personalization and continual adjustments to programs and formulas under the close supervision of a specialist.

At Cebeth Tx Phytotherapeutic Apothecary locations (currently Monterrey, and at Celeste House in Mexico City), we offer therapeutic skin and hair care via a comprehensive system of formulas, methods and techniques renowned within Mexican traditional medicine. We seek to rebalance the biological processes of the organism itself.


A comprehensive evaluation of your skin’s and/or hair’s needs will be made, taking into account the ideal operation of the organism, emotional factors and aggravating external factors.

As a prelude to therapy, we administer a detoxifying, hydrating and nutritive treatment to prepare the skin to maximize the benefits of the phytotherapeutic formulas that will be prepared from your evaluation’s results.

We specially formulate an all-encompassing treatment that can be applied at home with the precise concentrations of the ingredients we selected from the results of your evaluation and the needs of your particular skin-type.

We propose a personalized program of clinical therapies with the support of our team of specialists and electrotherapy to reinforce the phytotherapeutic formulas for home use.

We offer ongoing guidance and supervision. Sessions aimed at revising and adjusting formulas are programmed independently from therapy sessions and are at no cost to the client.


Monday to Saturday form 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM


Tel. (52.55) 5531.8309

Just like the magazine, the items presented at the Celeste Shop actually represent a curatorial selection, calling on the most relevant names in the vanguard of local and international culture who have come to be a part of Celeste magazine as the result of 10 years of research and collaboration with the project. Celeste Shop is a concept store that offers unique and unusual objects from around the world, antique, modern and contemporary.

As original as they are varied, the items for sale include among other things: books, music, fossils, jewelry, household items, stationary and office supplies, hats, lingerie, cigars, orchids, fine and rare handcrafts, antiques, contemporary design elements, taxidermy and silver. The store also carries fashion apparel and accessories, hailing from young designers who have created special collections especially for this project, as well as from recognized couturiers like Christian Louboutin, who will present his limited editions in Celeste Shop. There will also be a wide variety of personalized services available to patrons from embossers customized for the client to hats tailor-made to the client’s size and specifications.


Open every day from 11:00 PM to 8:00 PM